Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Makena is 5...

 This year Makena wanted to have a Strawberry Shortcake Birthday, Makena and I had a lot of fun shopping for stuff and decorating. We had Makena's birthday party with her friends a few days before her real birthday because it was on a Sunday this year. For the party she
wanted to go to the splash pad but unfortunately the weather was not very nice. We still went to the park and played
pin the stem on the strawberry and had a strawberry shortcake scavenger hunt which was a big hit. The kids had fun playing on the park, eating food, having drinks, cake, ice cream and opening gifts.

Makena's cake was a strawberry shortcake cupcake cake. It is made up of cupcakes but looks like a cake, it is a pretty cool idea (that I did not come up with) and a really easy clean up. The kids had a blast.

On the day of Makena's real birthday she woke up to streamers hanging from her bedroom door and balloons decorated all over the house. I made her a special breakfast, pink pancakes and hash-browns (her fav). She had a bunch of gifts from her grandma's and grandpa's, aunties, brother, mom and dad all around her rocking chair (she got way to spoiled). The kids in primary sang Happy Birthday to her and she got a treat from the bishop, she was thrilled. Later that day Shea and I had some of our good friends (Burley's and Clinger's) over for cake and ice cream to celebrate. Makena was so happy and excited that grandma Adams could be at her birthday and spend some time with her.  Makena had a wonderful day. 

I can not believe she is already 5. Seems like just yesterday I was teaching her how to walk. Now she is growing in to such a beautiful, smart, talented girl. Time goes by way to fast, but she will always be my little babe. Happy Birthday my sweet Makena, Mom and Dad love you so so much.     

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun. Makenna is such a pretty girl and so lucky to have such wonderful parents. Love you all, Aunt Terry