Saturday, April 27, 2013

He Is Here!

                     Finally my little man is here!

He was born on February 3, 2013. Weighed 8lbs 1oz and Height 19.5 in.
Madden came very quickly in to this world at 7:08am. It was crazy but very exciting for us.
My due date was Feb. 4 and I was going to be induced that morning at 7am. Instead on Sunday morning around 5am I started having contractions. After about one hour of contractions I decided to wake Shea up and let him know what was going on. He got out of bed and put the stuff in the car and woke up Makena, it took him about ten min and by that time I said to Shea that we need to go to the hospital and that we did not have time to drop off Makena at his brothers house. Shea's parents were staying at his brothers and were going to watch Makena and bring her over to the
hospital after everything was done but because I knew we did not have time to drop her off Shea just called them while we were driving and asked them to meet us at the hospital. As we were driving Shea called he hospital to let them know we were on our way and that I wanted them to have the epidural ready, The nurse said they would have to check me first. As Shea parked
in the hospital parking lot I had a contraction and it felt like the baby was about to come out. We got inside the emergency room and the nurse wheeled me in to the room. They gave me a gown to put on, I got the gown half way on and had another contraction, the baby was not going to wait any longer. Shea helped me with the rest of the gown and helped me to the bed. As soon as I sat on the bed my water broke, two pushes later baby was here......
Because of the shift change timing there were no nurses in the hall to watch Makena until Shea's parents got there. Poor Makena was in the room covering her ears and putting her head in a chair in the corner. Shea and one of the nurses were covering me so Makena could not see anything. The nurse delivered the baby. While Shea's parents were in the hall they heard the nurse say it was a precipitous labor and they were wondering what that was and if everything was okay so they looked it up on their phone and it just means a labor(start from first contraction) to delivery(child born) was under three hours. We got to the hospital at 7am and Madden was born at 7:08am. I did not have time for an epidural but I would way rather have it this way then with an epidural, yes it hurt more but the pain was tolerable and the recovery was much quicker.Way worth it to me.
Makena was so happy and excited to see her new baby brother. She got to see the nurse weigh and measure him, she even got to help the nurse bath him. She is so cute with him and such a sweet girl. Shea loved watching the Superbowl with Madden (their first football game, cute!). It was so fun to have family and friends come visit and we are very grateful for all the help, thank you.  We all love him so so much!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Christmas 2012

Before we left for Utah Makena and I decorated the house and Christmas tree. Shea and I also took her to see Santa. The stockings are from my G&G Adams and have been in the family before I was born. Makena and I have one, There are one's for Shea and the baby. I just need to put their names on them. 

It was very nice to spend Christmas in Utah with both of our families. We were there for about three weeks and each week was full of fun things to do. Makena loved playing with her cousins and seeing everyone. Makena got a new pair of skates from Nett, Brett and the twins so they all went skating. It was Makena's first time ever skating and she did such a great job, by the end of the night she was skating short distances by herself :) I did not skate because I did not think it would be such a good idea considering I was due in about four weeks :)  so I watched and took a lot of pictures and videos.

Makena, her cousins and Shea found a huge icicle outside G&G Owens house. The kids were so excited and couldn't believe how big it was. Makena built a really tall snowman with Poppy and a little snow fort with him. The dogs loved jumping over the fort and Makena while she threw snowballs at them. It was really cute :)                                                                                                                      
Makena has always loved to wrestle and she got to do a lot of it with her uncles. 

Another fun place we went to was Scheels. The kids bowled, played in the play place, checked out the sweet guns ( Makena loved the pink gun). 

  They also went tobogganing on tubes and had a blast.

My grandpa read the story of Jesus birth (family tradition we do it every year) and my dad did an activity to help Makena remember the true meaning of Christmas. I am so happy to have these things be apart of our family.
Before Makena went to bed on Christmas Eve she left cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for his Reindeer. She said the carrots would give the Reindeer strength and energy so they could keep pulling Santa's sleigh :) She wrote Santa a note letting him know and he ended up leaving her one. Makena was so happy to find that note when she woke up. It was awesome to spend Christmas with my grandparents and aunt & uncle. We do not get to see them much so it was really fun.