Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Makena is 5...

 This year Makena wanted to have a Strawberry Shortcake Birthday, Makena and I had a lot of fun shopping for stuff and decorating. We had Makena's birthday party with her friends a few days before her real birthday because it was on a Sunday this year. For the party she
wanted to go to the splash pad but unfortunately the weather was not very nice. We still went to the park and played
pin the stem on the strawberry and had a strawberry shortcake scavenger hunt which was a big hit. The kids had fun playing on the park, eating food, having drinks, cake, ice cream and opening gifts.

Makena's cake was a strawberry shortcake cupcake cake. It is made up of cupcakes but looks like a cake, it is a pretty cool idea (that I did not come up with) and a really easy clean up. The kids had a blast.

On the day of Makena's real birthday she woke up to streamers hanging from her bedroom door and balloons decorated all over the house. I made her a special breakfast, pink pancakes and hash-browns (her fav). She had a bunch of gifts from her grandma's and grandpa's, aunties, brother, mom and dad all around her rocking chair (she got way to spoiled). The kids in primary sang Happy Birthday to her and she got a treat from the bishop, she was thrilled. Later that day Shea and I had some of our good friends (Burley's and Clinger's) over for cake and ice cream to celebrate. Makena was so happy and excited that grandma Adams could be at her birthday and spend some time with her.  Makena had a wonderful day. 

I can not believe she is already 5. Seems like just yesterday I was teaching her how to walk. Now she is growing in to such a beautiful, smart, talented girl. Time goes by way to fast, but she will always be my little babe. Happy Birthday my sweet Makena, Mom and Dad love you so so much.     

Monday, June 24, 2013

Makena and Madden

   My two M&M's.. I love them so much and they are super cute together. Makena is a great helper and a wonderful big sister. Madden loves his sister, he get's so excited and has a big smile on his face every time she walks in the room. It melts my heart.
  Madden blows bubbles, rolls over, makes a lot of cute noises, holds a bottle, looks at his hands and feet all the time, grabs his toes, long hair and pretty much whatever he can get a hold of. Madden loves being sung to, loves his jummperoo and has a belly laugh (my favorite). He has a double ear infection right now but is still oh so happy. He is four and a half months.Time has just been flying.


Easter 2013

This year Makena got to do three egg hunts and color a lot of eggs.... She loved it! Also it was Madden's first Easter. He was only a few days away from turning 3 months old so he really did not know what was going on :) Makena woke up early to look for eggs around the house and loved her dress from the Easter Bunny. GG and Great Grandpa gave the kids and us a box full of easter things (they always spoil us) It was so yummy getting our favorite Canadian candy. As you can see in the picture where Makena is jumping on the tramp, she was having the time of her life :)

1 Year Anniversary/Baby Blessing/Sealed to Makena

    For our one year Shea took me back to the spot where he proposed. It was really nice to hike and go back to our spot. He packed the food and made all the arrangements for the kids to be watched. Sitting there with Shea and talking about the year we have had brought back so many great memories. It was perfect...
   Where did all the time go? This first year of marriage has gone by so fast but has been filled with wonderful events... Shea and I had an amazing wedding and honeymoon. It was a lot of fun to have a Utah and Calgary wedding reception. Makena and I moved to Spokane to be with Shea while he finished his first year of law school after all the wedding stuff was done. Then we all moved to Utah for the summer while Shea worked. That summer (June 2012) we found out that we were going to have a baby and told Makena (she was super excited). Both of our grandmas passed away (We are so grateful we could attend both funerals). In the middle of August we moved back to Spokane so Shea could start his second year of law school and Makena could start preschool (September). In October Shea and I were very fortunate to get Makena's last name legally changed from Adams to Owens and to find out that we were expecting a baby boy in February. I got to have two awesome baby showers (I have the best family and friends ever!). We went to Panguitch Utah for Thanksgiving and spent Christmas in Utah with our families. In February Madden was born (we love having him be apart of our family, we can not get enough of him).

    In March we went back to Utah to bless Madden. It meant a great deal to us to have him be blessed on our One year anniversary. We were so happy and everything went very well. The other reason we went to Utah in March was to be SEALED to Makena in the Mount Timpanogos Temple. We are so truly blessed to have had this chance to be sealed to Makena. We had been praying and fasting for this opportunity ever since we got engaged. These were two joyous times for our little family. We love our family and friends and are so thankful that we could share these special moments with them.

Right now we are in the process of having Shea adopt Makena (such another great blessing we are so thankful for). We are living in Spokane for the summer, Shea got a job working for Cooney Law Offices and I am so proud of Shea for making the Dean's List throughout his whole second year of law school. All of the hard work, effort and late nights he has put in are paying off :) but the best part is seeing him accomplish goals that he has set for himself. I love you Shea and I am so excited for the rest of our journey together :)